The Lost Cause (Part 1)

Civil War States Rights Meme

These days, the lost cause of the confederacy is mostly a hateful ideology and conspiracy theory, but it didn’t start off this way, and played an important role in US history.

The general beliefs that make up the lost cause mythology are as follows:

Myth 1: Slavery was good for the slaves

This idea was pushed even before the confederacy existed. Pro-slavery advocates would talk about how slavery was beneficial for the enslaved, and it was a learning experience for them, making them more civilized.

Myth 2: The Civil War was not about slavery

Instead they claim it was about states' rights, or southern loyalty. They talk about the loyalty of southern soldiers to their people, and the differences in culture and economics of the south.

Myth 3: “The War Of Northern Aggression”

They portray the war as defending their homeland. They were merely trying to become their own country after the United States had failed them.

Myth 4: Reconstruction punished the South.

They claim that Republicans were going out of their way to destroy the South to punish them for attempting to secede.

They deny the civil rights acts and various reconstruction amendments, and portray the US military who were there to enforce civil rights acts as a further form of punishment.


  1. Understanding the Lost Cause Myth

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