Minister of Propaganda

Nazis Burning Books

Joseph Goebbels was born in 1897 in Germany. He went to university, and got a PhD in philosophy. He wrote a lot about his great ideas, but no one else thought much of him. He wanted to be noticed, but no one cared. He was so antismetic and hateful, that many of his articles were rejected from major publications.

He hardly made any money, and didn’t have much of a job, which led him to join the Nazi party in 1924. Nazi’s promised to fix the economy, and make everything better, and he was all for that. The Nazi’s really liked his antisemtic works, so they thought he would be great at creating pro-Nazi propaganda.

His work eventually helped Hitler get elected, and when Hitler got power, he appointed Goebbels as his minister of propaganda. He was tasked with censoring anything that conflicted with Nazi ideals, so he ordered the burning of books and censored American movies.

He then took over a prestigious Berlin film studio, blacklisted every actor that didn’t support the Nazi party, and proceeded to make German ripoffs of Hollywood hits, as well as some propaganda films.

One of the most interesting of these was a movie called “I Accuse” which was made to promote a euthanasia program by the Nazis. It was very effective in making people think that euthanasia was justified, enabling the Nazi’s to kill many “disabled” people.

If you watch it even you may be swayed, which is why the movie is banned basically everywhere.

In 1939 after a German man was killed by a Jew, he incited violence against Jews leading to the destruction of synagogues and the deaths of hundreds of Jews in the Night of Broken Glass.

He travelled to Poland with a film crew to make anti-Jewish propaganda by recording Jews living in terrible conditions and comparing them to animals, saying that they chose to live this way.

His documentary promoted the idea that Jews were criminals that would bring the world to darkness if they took over, and this scared German people into even more anti-Jew sentiment.

Goebbels was eventually given even more power by Hitler. When Hitler wasn’t appearing in public much, he allowed Goebbels to speak in his place. Goebbels also had the authority to declare war, and eventually declared war on the USSR.

His mental state began to deteriorate as it became clear that Germany was not going to win the war. When Hitler knew that the war was lost and decided to kill himself, he told Goebbels to be the new Chancellor of Germany and run the government after the allies invaded. Goebbels instead chose to end his life as well, serving as Chancellor for only a day.


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